Stronger because of the Storm

Does it ever feel like the water’s too deep, and instead of swimming, you’re starting to drown? Or maybe it feels like you’re already drowning. Life throws some pretty challenging things our way, and if we’re not grounded in our faith, it can be easy to be swept away. But instead of the storm being […]

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Unstoppable Forgiveness

Complete forgiveness. It’s one of the hardest things to be asked of a person. To forgive is seemingly impossible at times. It could mean forgiving someone for the simplest thing, or it could be for scars that sting for a lifetime. Forgiveness is a prominent topic, but just because it’s brought up frequently doesn’t mean […]

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Loyal in the Darkest Times

This weekend, millions of people look back to a single event that shattered everything: the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our topic for this Saturday is Loyalty, and what a more powerful example than this story. Everyone is most likely familiar (often very much so) with it. But I’m wondering if this Easter, we […]

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That solitary feeling of standing on the edge of a room, the edge of a conversation that no one wants you in, and the feeling of absolute emptiness deep inside you is a terrible feeling that everyone can have at some point or another. Loneliness is an aching hole that can empty a person if […]

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It’s fair to state that friendships often comprise a good portion of the daily life of teens. We spend a lot of time with them in many different settings and places. Through that time they can frequently influence us either for the better or for the worse. It’s up to us to discern which friends […]

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “devotion”? For me, it’s dedicating a significant or at least consistent amount of my time to something. You might think of devotionals, journaling, or Bible times at breakfast with the family. Whatever it is, something comes to mind. This is the last […]

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Loving Intolerance

Tolerance is a term frequently used in today’s culture. If one accepts another’s beliefs and choices that they wouldn’t necessarily choose for themselves, then they are considered tolerant, accepting, and loving. Society says that if you don’t accept one’s beliefs and opinions, then you must not be a very caring person. Tolerance is a massive […]

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Let me know if you haven’t seen this stereotype in a movie or tv show before: there’s a teen in a family that’s consistently rebellious and disrespectful to his parents and other figures of authority in their life. The truth is, the stereotype is found almost everywhere. The world has an expectation that all teens […]

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Sacrificial Love

There’s a kind of love that never leaves. A love that never wavers in commitment, no matter how challenging circumstances get. Love that knows when to confront and when to comfort. Love isn’t turning a blind eye to the problems that others have: it’s loving them despite the fact that we’re imperfect people that make […]

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