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Imagine a dark tunnel with a slight draft of cool air wafting in from some unknown place. On both sides there stand two long rows of iron shelves. Right now, only one box full of papers occupies the one to your right, but give it time, and there may be tunnels full of articles. Where do you even start? Finding something can begin to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack; but it doesn’t have to. Here at the Lighthouse, I’ve created the Archives so that you’ll never feel at a loss as for where to even start! Just browse down below and you’ll find everything you’re looking for!

At this point here at the Lighthouse, there are three main types of posts at the moment: Virtue Posts (our main articles), Under the Lamppost Snapshots (highlighting a particular book, movie, game, etc.), and our Guest Posts. Scroll down below and jump into an article!

March 2019

Let’s Go!

This was our very first article together, and still one of our biggest moments, where the Lighthouse was finally launched! (Announcements)

The Lighthouse

An exciting short story that encompassed our call to action. (Exclusives)

Road Map

Our first set of directions for where the Lighthouse is headed. (Announcements)

More than a Book

The very first “Under the Lamppost” Snapshot that explores an ancient piece of literature. (Snapshots)

Captain America: The First Avenger

The second snapshot, one that highlighted Steve Roger’s transformation and story as the hero Captain America. (Snapshots)

Sacrificial Love

The first Virtues post that focused on what sacrificial love looks like in today’s culture. (Virtues)

Forza Horizon 3

A snapshot on video game Forza Horizon 3, an open-world racing game set in Australia. (Snapshots)

A Self Critique

A breakdown of the world’s definition of love. (Guest Posts)


An article on stereotypes and what respect looks like from teens, and what it should be. (Virtues)

The Avengers

A snapshot on the action-packed team-up movie released in 2012. (Snapshots)

Loving Intolerance

A powerful article on what it means to be lovingly intolerant in today’s world of extremes. (Virtues)

Everything Counts

A snapshot of one of my favorite devotionals that impacts you throughout the day. (Snapshots)


The last virtue post of March, highlighting what it means to dedicate yourself and your time to someone or something- even when it’s hard and priorities get in the way. (Virtues)

April Showers

The first “Cobbled Bridge” post, one that bridges the gap between the current month and the month to come while recapping the month’s best moments and highlighting any new changes!