The Mission

For everything there is a purpose, and the Lighthouse is no exception. This is our mission statement.

The Lighthouse will strive to be a place of growth and encouragement for each and every fellow teenager, regardless of background. All are welcome here because God loves each and every person enough to unconditionally sacrifice his only son for them. No matter what happens, the Lighthouse will strive to be a beacon of light for other teenagers in today’s dark world.

As teenagers, so many of us can end up wasting the precious time that we’ve been given. There’s limited time in these teen years, and many of us don’t make the most of it. The world can make it so challenging to be who we truly are inside, and peer pressure, pop culture, and different beliefs don’t help any. The teen years are a blessing, and we can make the most of them by following God’s Word. Some don’t, though. Many believe in different things, saying that Christianity is a thing of the past; something people would believe in to comfort themselves when times got rough.

The truth is, everyone has a worldview. Some people believe that there is no God, some that there’s many gods. Some believe in their own self-created god. Some people say they don’t believe in anything; but see, friends, this is not the case. For some, their god is power, or money or fame. Everyone believes in something, even if you don’t personally believe you do.

The Lighthouse is going to be a beacon in the darkest night. A place where teens can come to be encouraged, and learn about the true Light, Jesus Christ. Where we can truly find out what we believe in for ourselves, and an everlasting truth the rest of the world doesn’t have to offer.

The Lighthouse is a light in the darkness, where teens can come for encouragement, inspiration, and hope.